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Baby & Toddler Sun Protective Swimsuit - Running Wild - DEFECT

These Running Wild swimsuits are in our Oopsie Bin as they have a stitching glitch on the front zipper or a slight defect which is not up to our high standards to sell at full price - the functionality has not been impacted.

• Dynamic 4 way stretch
• Exceptionally breathable
• Quick drying and chlorine resistant
• UPF 50+ UV Protection
• Soft and comfortable fit
• Strong abrasion resistant fibres
• Inseam zipper for easy nappy changes (only available in sizes newborn to size 3)
• Fabric zipper protector to prevent chin rubbing
• 85% polyester; 15% spandex


Need more help finding the perfect size? Visit our Sizing page to see detailed fit diagrams of our swimwear. 

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