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Baby & Toddler Sun Protective Swimsuit - You're My Rainboo - DEFECT

These colourful and fun You're My Rainboo swimsuits are in our Oopsie Bin as they have stitching defects along the zipper which are not up to our high standards. Rather than discard these products, we are offering them at a reduced price. The functionality of the swimsuits is not impacted. 


• Dynamic 4 way stretch
• Exceptionally breathable
• Quick drying and chlorine resistant
• UPF 50+ UV Protection
• Soft and comfortable fit
• Strong abrasion resistant fibres
• Inseam zipper for easy nappy changes
• Fabric zipper protector to prevent chin rubbing
• 85% polyester; 15% spandex


Need more help finding the perfect size? Visit our Sizing page to see detailed fit diagrams of our swimwear.

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